The Jay and Barbara Hennick Family Foundation is able to support a limited number of causes on an annual basis. For this reason, we will only consider proposals that follow the request procedures noted below.

In considering requests for funding, the Foundation will give priority to Healthcare, Education and Arts that meet the following funding guidelines:

  • Come from registered Canadian charities
  • Programs must make a real difference to the lives of others, have clear mandates, and be distinctly original
  • Programs must encourage transformative change
  • Funding must be clearly allocated, monitored and measured, and results-oriented
  • Preference will be given to programs that are not well served currently and programs that offer additional government support or matching funds
  • Programs must be clearly identified as being "Supported by The Hennick Foundation."

Organizations seeking funds should submit a brief on-line application addressing the issues noted above together with the support material necessary, as outlined in "Application Guidelines".

Your proposal will be acknowledged by return email within 10 to 14 days from receipt.

An internal committee will review and consider the request and if the Foundation is interested in funding your project, additional information may be required.

Generally, organizations will be notified within eight to 10 weeks of receipt of their submission whether it has been accepted. Proposals are accepted and reviewed throughout the year, but funding of new projects may be limited by overall budget constraints and prior funding commitments.

View Application Guidelines PDF